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Missing Persons

Trying to find a person can be a time consuming and often fruitless task. We are experts in tracing persons and offer a no find no fee service.

Our people finding service can find the following persons:

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Private Investigation Services - Mobile Phone Tracking & Monitoring

Mobile phones and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) are for most people an essential part of our day to day activity. Not only do they make phone calls but they act as cameras, MP3 and video players, web browsers, along with being used for storing an endless amount of data including personal information.

It is this information and data that we are able to monitor, locate and retrieve and use as evidence if required.

Tracking and Monitoring a Mobile Phone

There are occasions when you want to know what your partner, child, relative or employee are up to when using a mobile phone:

Are they in contact with someone who could do them harm?
Are they where they say they are?
Are they using the phone for other purposes other than work related matters?
Are they exchanging messages and picture as part of their ongoing affair?

Wouldn't it be useful to find out what is on that mobile phone and where it is?

We are able to provide a service that allows us to track and monitor the activities occuring on a mobile phone irrespective of make and type. These activities include:

  • View incoming / outgoing text messages including full content time and date
  • View incoming / outgoing calling numbers including time and date
  • View incoming / outgoing e-mails including full content time and date
  • Through GPS track the mobile phone

This service cannot be done remotely and without the permission of the phone's owner. If you require more information and wish to discuss our mobile phone monitoring service please contact us here.

Mobile Phone Analysis

During mobile phone analysis data may be identified from three areas,

  • the mobile phone internal handset memory
  • the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card or USIM (Universal Subscriber Identity Module) card
  • Removable memory cards (e.g. SD card or Memory Stick)

SGH and Associates have the expertise to examine a wide variety of mobile phone models from leading manufacturers including Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens & Samsung.

During mobile phone analysis we may be able to retrieve information that you are seeking and is pivotal to your enquiry, including but not limited to:

  • Call records
  • Phone-book entries
  • Text messages
  • Multimedia messages
  • Pictures
  • Deleted data

In most cases we are able to extract the voice messages from the device to a CD.

If you require our mobile phone analysis services please contact us now to discuss your requirements 0845 544 1947 or e-mail us.

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Bug Sweeping

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Employee Vetting

Asset Tracing

Insurance Claims

Computer Forensics

Criminal Defence

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Corporate Theft

These are some of the types of investigations that we carry out. Please contact us if you require the services of our private detectives.
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Our services are confidential, professional and effective.

Private Detective Services for Private Clients

SGH and Associates will ensure that as a private client, you will receive a totally professional and confidential service. Using the services of a private investigator is for most an unknown experience. Our detectives are courteous, honest, reliable and approachable. We will guide you through the investigative services we provide and identify which will be the most suitable method to solve your problem more...

Private Detective Services for Business

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