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Bug Sweeping Experts - Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

We Can Detect and Find a Hidden Cameras, Listening / Recording Device, GPS Tracker & the Latest Covert Spying Equipment

We provide a professional electronic bug detection service for anyone who want their home, car, business premises, office, or personal effects searched to find hidden microphones, cameras, or find a planted GPS car tracker, as well as business owners or managers who suspect their commercial site is being listened into or under surveillance.

We perform spy bug detection searches on a house, office, shop premises, vehicle, executive boardrooms and environments that are suspected of being electronically bugged. Our bug sweeping searches are technical, intensive and thorough and will detect the presence of the most sophisticated hidden eavedropping equipment.

Whatever the location, our counter surveillance expert can perform a complete electronic sweep and detection service anywhere within the UK.

In an ever increasing world of suspicious partners, corporate espionage and snoopers eavesdropping, it is important to consider the risk of being listened or secretly filmed when discussing matters of a personal or delicate nature and secrecy is paramount.

With advances in technology involving GPS car trackers and spy equipment, it is not uncommon for employers, rival companies or suspicious partners to have your car tracked and know where you are and who you are talking to when out and about in your car.

Our bug detection experts, use the latest technology to perform a bug sweep of your premises or vehicle for hidden microphone, vehicle tracker, hidden camera and technical covert bugs of all types, checking phones, phone lines, computers, and power lines for any suspicious activity. We will also check for radio frequency devices both wired in and battery powered wireless devices.

We Find Planted Microphone, Hidden Cameras, Covert Probes, GPS Tracker & more

As a leading UK counter surveillance specialist, we have a wealth of experience in handling and locating hidden listening devices, covert hidden cameras, vehicle and property tracking devices, technical eavesdropping equipment and technologically advanced surveillance probes.

We understand that for less than £100 anyone can purchase a listening bug and place someone under surveillance. From matrimonial issues to commercial spying, the planting of a hidden bug is not just left to professionals requiring the technical skill of a spy.

Our TSCM experts use the latest bug detection and counter surveillance equipment, providing us with the perfect platform to identify the presence of any electronic surveillance equipment.

We are able to search for hidden electronic bugs and covert devices in the following locations:

  • We can debug your house, apartment, flat for hidden camera, micro audio devices, find bugs and clandestine surveillance equipment.
  • We search offices, boardrooms, reception areas, storerooms, warehouses, heating ducts, cable trunking and find hidden electronic surveillance equipment.
  • We will search your to see if your car is bugged, we can also search a van, lorry, boat or plane and detect a covert microphone, hidden GPS tracker or wired in tracking device.
  • We are search and find trackers, spyware and clandestine devices in personal property - baggage, computers, mobile phones, and clothing.

*** We advise that if you suspect your premises are being secretly recorded, it is wise to communicate with us from a remote location where you feel comfortable to contact us. ***

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