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Need To Catch a Cheating Partner?

As a leading firm of private investigators, a great deal of our work is spent on catching cheating partners  in Nottingham & infidelity investigations in Nottinghamshire. We understand the feelings of our clients and will offer expert advice in how we can prove a partners infidelity. We are aware of the anxiety, emotions and frustration the belief that a partner is having an affair can have.

These are typical questions we are asked prior to commencing a cheating partner investigation:

Nottingham husband asks "Can you find out if my husband / wife is cheating on me"?

Nottingham wife wants to know  "Can you prove that my partner is having an affair"?

Nottingham partner enquires "How much does an infidelity investigation cost"?

By feeling that your partner is being cheating on you, then already a seed of doubt has been planted and you have a feeling of distrust. These feelings will continue to cause a destructive distraction and leave you feeling anxious and afraid, along with other conflicting emotions.

All of our clients confronted with the thought that their partner is having an affair, have stated that it is the not knowing and living with the uncertainty that causes the most stress. Once the truth is known and the evidence of the affair or infidelity is shown, our clients say they are then able to move on with their lives whatever decision they make in dealing with their relationship and the situation.

If you are in a relationship where you believe that your partner / husband / wife is having an affair in Nottingham, there are several options you have:

  • Confrontation
  • Secretly check your partner's e-mails, texts, credit card bills
  • Speak with their friends
  • Contact their work to verify movements
  • Follow them yourself

All of these are potential courses of action you could take, but consider the consequences before you do. Doing any of these could alert your partner to your doubts and actions. This could result in your partner being more secretive and taking extra precautions, or accusing you of encroaching in their privacy and being paranoid, leaving you still living with the unknown.

As Nottingham's leading cheating partner investigators, we are well practised in monitoring an individual's movements without them knowing. Our detectives can operate in any environment and are professionally trained surveillance detectives.

If you want us to prove your wife, husband or partner is cheating, we will find out and provide you with the evidence.

Don't sit around wondering what they are doing or who they are seeing, take the initiative and confirm your suspicions. 

If you believe your partner is cheating on you in Nottingham and want to know for sure, then contact us today.

Call us today on 0845 544 1947 or 07816 477496.


Our private investigators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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