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Child Welfare Investigators

The issue surrounding child protection is never far away from the news headlines.

These reports have led us to consider our children's welfare and safety more than ever.

Irrespective of the child's age there always seem to be a potential risk to their well being.

As a parent or guardian it should be paramount that we protect our children from such risks and do everything we can to minimise any harm that may come to them.

At SGH and Associates we offer a series of private services in Nottinghamshire and the Midlands, that will ensure all steps are taken to safeguarding the children, including investigations into child custody matters, investigating a parent when they have custody of a child, and providing surveillance on a child when in the care of a non family member.

We also carry out screening, vetting and background checks against any person who is looking to be employed to work with children, check and verify the status and fitness of a nursery, child minder or other establishment that a child may be entrusted to.
Our checks are thorough and detailed and everything that is discovered is supported in a written report.

We verify the following:

  • All references given, interviewing the referees concerning references
  • Financial status, cross referencing with credit checks made
  • Criminal Record Check, enhanced checks are applied for
  • Previous employment records, speaking with managers and employers
  • Family members contacted for family history

The checks that are carried are not exhaustive and enquiries that we think are relevant are followed up.

As professional detectives with extensive experience in the field of child protection and the investigation of child sex offenders, we believe we are well placed to identify potential risks to children and can advise clients on how to deal with concerns that they have raised.

Our private detectives have been involved in a number of high profile child abuse investigations and understand the care and attention that is needed in matters of such a delicate nature.

We approach all enquiries with discretion and sensitivity, and ensure that our clients receive all the relevant information and facts that we discover during the course of our investigation, along with our balanced professional opinion.

**Young People**

If you have concerns over your child and believe they are at risk or mixing with the wrong crowd, please click here for more details.


Our private investigators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If your matter is of a personal nature please advise us how and when you wish us to contact you.

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