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Computer Forensic Investigations

The use of computers is now embedded in nearly all our lives whether it is at home, work or both.
In the main our computer is used for the positive things in life, but there are darker issues at play whereby people use computers to steal, cheat, harass, abuse, exploit and cause harm.

Contrary to popular belief that once a file or web history has been deleted, password protected or wiped from a hard drive, it is gone forever and cannot be found.

At SGH and Associates, we are able to recover most data held on a computer so long as the computer has no mechanical defects. We are able to discover overwritten data, e-mails, web pages viewed, documents and images created and saved.

Along with being able to recover the data from a hard drive, we are able to show times and dates the data was viewed, created and deleted. Here are some of the tasks we can complete when analysing a computer:

  • Files recovery
  • Data recovery even after a hard drive has been reformatted or repartitioned
  • Encrypt decrypted files
  • Locate web sites that have been visited
  • Locate what files have been downloaded
  • Locate when files were last accessed
  • Locate files that were deleted
  • Report attempts to conceal or destroy evidence
  • Report attempts to fabricate or alter evidence
  • Report text that was removed from documents
  • Report faxes sent or received on the computer
  • Report email messages and attachments even if previously deleted

Once a computer has been analysed we will prepare a report of our findings and where applicable supply copies of documents, images and other data recovered from the computer that has been examined.

For details of our mobile phone analysis service please click here, or call our Nottingham office for more information.


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