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Criminal Defence Private Investigators

Being wrongly convicted of a crime or had a false accusation made against you is a harrowing and stressful time, and requires an objective and positive mind to see that you do not have to fight the allegations alone. You can call on us to help you prove your innocence.

SGH & Associates defence experts are a team of highly motivated detectives who are specialists in all aspects of criminal and civil investigations, in particular helping people who have been wrongly convicted or accused of a crime they have not committed.

We have the knowledge and skill to:

  • Trace and interview witnesses
  • Collect and analyse exhibits
  • Prepare and present maps, graphs, communication charts and time lines
  • Carry out field enquires and analyse prosecution / tribunal evidence
  • Trace witnesses
  • Identify errors and irregularities in a Police investigation
  • Examine alibis and challenge witness testimony

You, the client need to make that call.

SGH and Associates are all capable private investigators with a wealth of experience in the field of criminal investigations, civil tribunals and court of appeal hearings.

Our investigators can be called to assist in your case at any point, whether you have been arrested and pending a decision, you have been charged and are on bail, or you have been convicted and believe you have grounds for a criminal appeal. We have a firm understanding of the criminal justice system and what can be done within the law to establish your innocence and help clear your name.

If you have been wronfully accused of a crime your are entirley innocent of, call us today to discuss how we can help you. Call us on 07816 477496.


Our private investigators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If your matter is of a personal nature please advise us how and when you wish us to contact you.

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