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Employee Enhanced Vetting Service

All businesses are aware of how important it is to have a workforce they can trust and rely on.
By vetting staff you are considering employing, you significantly reduce the risk of employing an individual who could cause irreversible damage to your business.

The benefits of vetting potential employees are:

  • Enhanced shareholder value to your business
  • Clients and employees will have confidence in your company
  • Reduced recruitment costs
  • Competition on equal terms for contracts
  • Customer confidence in the reliability, honesty and capability of your staff
  • Less money being spent on expensive training of unsuitable staff
  • Avoiding dishonest, disruptive and disloyal staff
  • Premises and products remaining safe from unscrupulous individuals

Most of all, vetting employees correctly brings you overall peace of mind.

At SGH and Associates we pride ourselves in our discreet and professional service which is not computer led but has a personal approach in obtaining references by our experienced staff.

We understand that your business has been built on a reputation based on the attitude, integrity and the skills of your staff.

Our employee vetting checks look to enhance and maintain the reputation of your business, and at the same time minimise the chance of employing rogue employee.

When businesses fail to take the recruitment process seriously they significantly increase the risk of employing a person whose motive for getting the post is to commit crime.

These crimes can take the form of fraud, ID theft, stock theft, pass on advantages of their position to friends and family, and misuse of company property.

The questions business should ask prior to hiring new staff are:

  • Is the person who they say they are?
  • Is this applicants qualifications and references true and accurate?
  • Is this person telling the truth concerning their criminal history and financial situation?
  • Are the references provided real and accurate?

It is these figures that support the need for a robust and thorough employee screening procedure to make sure that the person you want working for your business will not steal from your business, cause disruption and harass members of staff or pass on company information.

Enhanced vetting Service for Nottingham & the Midlands

Whether the vetting checks are required for current members of staff, part-time employees, job applicants, or outside contractors, we can meet your requirements. Our experienced detectives are expert at examining information and looking into individual's history and the details they provide. Our business is examining the detail and seeking the facts.

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