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Fraud Investigators & Copyright Investigations

Fraud in the eyes of the law is recognised as an act of theft. The means in which an individual commits the act of fraud is often complex, difficult to unravel, and often not discovered until records are audited.

If you suspect fraud has taken place within your business, our detectives are able to investigate the matter, identifying where the fraud has taken place and who is responsible.

Whether it is after the fraud has been committed or you suspect the fraud is on-going, we are able to create a cost effective strategy that will achieve the objectives you have in mind.

If the Fraud has Occured

If the fraud has been discovered during an audit, our detectives will trace the movements of goods or cash through the paper and data trawl and identify what has taken place.

If the data is believed to have been cleared, our forensic data recovery specialists are able to recover lost, deleted or hidden data and produce a log, detailing times, dates and users who have accessed the data. This, if required can be seized for any potential criminal investigation.

If the material is to be used for a discipline hearing or tribunal then the data can be created into an easy to understand, clear report form.

The Fraud Is Still Occuring

If it is believed that the fraud is on-going, we will use our surveillance experience combined with covert surveillance equipment including components that can be secreted in a particular computer to record all activity that is carried out. This can provide an employer all the evidence they need to confront the dishonest employee and deal with them accordingly, safe in the knowledge that the evidence that have to hand is clear and beyond doubt, leaving the employee has no avenue to manoeuvre.

Don't accept loss of monies or goods as an acceptable occurrence in your business. Be pro-active and put a stop to it.

SGH and Associates are committed to helping you operate a profitable business employing honest and conscientious staff. Our detectives are recognised experts in the field of fraud investigations and forensic accounting, having worked on many complex and protracted enquiries. As fraud investigators we have the experience and knowledge to ensure that no stone is left unturned and all relevant avenues explored.


Our private investigators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If your matter is of a personal nature please advise us how and when you wish us to contact you.

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