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Gadgets & Spy Equipment We Use on a Daily Basis
14 September 2021

Gadgets & Spy Equipment We Use on a Daily Basis

Surveillance equipment includes any equipment, gadget, or device that is used to conduct various types of surveillance (mobile & static), counter-surveillance, and investigations.

The equipment is most often used to perform surveillance, which involves observing the behaviour of a particular person or persons, usually from a distance.

Spy gear is also used to conduct counter-surveillance to check for electronic bugging devices or to prevent others from observing your behaviour. or to conduct covert investigations.

Additionally, spy gadgets are used by private investigators, police officers, bounty hunters, and even the military.

In many cases, detectives use spy equipment without the knowledge of the subjects being observed. This is usually done to gather information such as videos, photographs, or data on a person’s activity. In addition, the equipment is becoming an important part of both personal and home security with the use of security cameras, hidden devices, and covert wireless cameras.

Types of Surveillance Equipment

The following categories of spy equipment include a quality line of basic and advanced security and covert products. You do not have to be a private detective or police officer to purchase this specialist equipment.

Many people purchase hidden cameras and other devices for their homes. You’ll find gadgets and electronics such as audio recorders, electronic bug detectors, digital cameras, GPS tracking devices, listening devices, night vision goggles, self-defence products, and other apparatus.

As Private Investigators we use various forms of covert audio listening, recording, and analysis equipment to capture conversations, sounds, and noises to be used as evidence in investigations. For example, when we are performing monitoring at a distance, we might use various kinds of Audio Surveillance Equipment like amplified microphones, electronic bugging devices, or even mobile phone spy software.

In other situations, we might use a Digital Voice Recorder / Audio Recorder to record witness or subject statements, record notes about a case, capture ideas or reminders, and more. These devices may be used to covertly record people’s conversations without their knowledge. Obviously we always operate within the law, and use this type of equipment when it is legal to do so.

Binoculars, Scopes, and Optics

Binoculars are a must-have piece of surveillance equipment for our private investigators. Binoculars help us view things at a distance, which may be necessary to perform a check on your subject, or at a stakeout. If you need to see in the dark, Night Vision Goggles and Night Vision Binoculars and weapons sights are useful for night-time surveillance and security.

Computer Hardware and Software Tools

Investigators, Police, and intelligence experts use specialised hardware and software programs to spy on computers, record internet surfing, and other computer activity, log keystrokes, capture chat conversations, and email exchanges. For example, our detectives might use keylogging software to catching a cheating spouse who is chatting online with his/her partner.

In addition to monitoring computer, laptop, and tablet activity, we may use special covert programs to conduct cell phone recon on wireless phones and mobile phones, get data from cell phones, text messages, instant messages, and more.

GPS Tracking Devices for Monitoring a Person's Location and Movement

Covert GPS Tracking Devices are used to track the movement and travel activities of just about anything, from vehicles, to people, to physical items. We secretly place GPS tracking devices to follow the location where it goes. Then, our investigators monitor the movements using specialised software that uses GPS signals to track the exact location of the device. A very capable and cost efficient method of tracking a person or their vehicles movements

Other tracking devices use Bluetooth technology to track the location of smaller items. As an example, a woman may place a micro Bluetooth tracking device inside of her purse. If the purse is stolen, she can track the location of the Bluetooth tracker device using an app on her cell phone.

Private detectives may also use various headsets or earphones that are designed to work with spy gear. Some anti-bugging or bug detection devices are designed to work with earphones that allow the user to listen to electronic signals. This aids the user in detecting hidden electronic devices, also known as bugs, by hearing changes in frequency signals. You’ll find a wide variety of Telephone Headsets at

Mobile Phone Tracking Software

If you’re a concerned parent who is wondering what your child is doing on their mobile phone or computer, you may consider using mobile phone spy software. They allow you to track and monitor activity on a cell phone or tablet. You can keep track of incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, social media activity, GPS location and more. Not all programs will work with all phones, so it is important to understand what software works with iPhones, Android phones, Windows, phones, etc.

Spy Glasses

Spy sunglasses are used for covert surveillance as they contain spy cams. They are worn on the body and are very easy to use. They come in very different styles and are one of the most popular types of equipment purchased. Most people don’t realize it, but some of the best spy sunglasses are available to the public.

These special sunglasses will contain a camera, a microphone, and a battery source. The most current models will come with rechargeable batteries that last for six to nine hours. They can record in colour and pick up audio from far away. Most will come with a pinhole or pin camera so you can record at all times.

Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance Equipment

A wide variety of devices are available to perform surveillance, counter-surveillance, and countermeasure checks for either for your personal home security or as a security service to your clients. Devices such as Electronic Bug Detectors help detect and locate all major types of electronic surveillance devices including room, phone, body bugs, microphones, video transmitters, and tape recorders.

Video Cameras, Hidden Cams, and Drones

Recording and capturing video footage has become one of the most pervasive types of public and non-public surveillance. Anyone with a cell phone can capture video footage. The footage can be for use on personal social media profiles or even become official evidence in a court trial.

As investigation professionals we use more advance and high-tech equipment to perform surveillance or capture hidden videos. Such equipment includes packaged camera systems, CCTV, and DVR monitors.

Other types of spy security cams include hidden cameras that are intended to be covert and concealed from sight, including wireless security cameras, stealth cams for hats, covert glasses, hidden camera buttons, and more.

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