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How Technology Helps the Private Investigator
07 October 2019

How Technology Helps the Private Investigator

Nowadays, GPS technology is so common that most mobile devices already have it integrated into them. While people now use GPS for everyday tasks like finding directions or tracking valuables, private investigators use GPS technology to save lives and track people down. In this article, let’s recognize the importance of GPS trackers to this profession.

For today’s private investigators, GPs trackers are an invaluable asset when it comes to surveillance. Not only does it provide concrete evidence, GPS tracking devices are safe, efficient, and cost-effective. Though the private investigation industry has a longstanding history, with private investigation businesses existing since the 1800s, the global positioning system (GPS) has only been around since 1973 and was originally invented for the military. And now, GPS has revolutionized the way that we carry out surveillance.

As Private investigators we are typically employed as detectives or undercover agents to gather and collect information that is vital to our clients. Being a private investigator can be arduous and tiresome as long hours of surveillance work, research, and accumulating critical information can be exhausting.

One of the most crucial duties of private investigators is surveillance. It is bread and butter work for us, working all kinds of different cases, from missing persons to insurance fraud, theft, and vandalism to determining if a parent is fit to have child custody and proving marital infidelity. It’s all about the close and detailed observation of a person, place, or thing to gather facts that can be used to build a case, whether this means watching a premises that has been subject to continuous crimes or watching a person who has an insurance claim in for a leg injury to see if they miraculously get up and start running around.

Surveillance often involves watching a person without them being aware to see where they go and what they are doing. Our Private investigators will then report our findings back to the client. Private investigators learn some of the techniques of effective surveillance methods in criminal justice classes. In virtually every case, technology now plays a major role in getting the job done by enhancing our ability to gather and document useful information.



In years past, surveillance would have to take place in person with an investigator watching from a distance, perhaps taking pictures or videos. Today, GPS trackers allow investigators to handle the job without the personal intrusion of watching or following in person.



With society becoming fearful and more hostile, as evidenced by increasing gun and knife violence, it’s no wonder that we are opting to survey from the office with the help of GPS tracking devices. It gives us the safety that we need, as well as the information that we are hired to obtain.



Additionally, GPS devices give our private investigators the ability to multitask and complete other tasks while still completing surveillance, therefore saving a lot of time. GPS devices can also be programmed to only activate and transmit a signal when at a targeted location.



Furthermore, GPS devices provide an economical alternative for surveillance. For example, in larger cities where traffic and other visible obstructions may be present, an individual hiring a private investigator may, in fact, need multiple investigators to be able to perform the surveillance. This would result in much higher fees than a daily or weekly rate for the monitoring of a GPS device.

We have been successfully using GPS tracking systems to assist in investigative work related to locating a missing person, acquiring confidential information, observation and surveillance, and domestic/marital situations for over 10 years. Compiling accurate, credible, and relevant data has never been easier! 

If you are interested in using our vehicle tracking service or hiring one of our GPS trackers, please feel free to contact us, for free impartial advice.


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