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Nottingham Surveillance Services

Whatever the nature of surveillance investigation we are engaged on, private individuals or corporate clients, we approach each one with the same high level of commitment, professionalism and discretion.

Whether it's carrying out observations:

We will provide you with the information and evidence you require.

Our Nottingham based surveillance detectives are qualified experts, all being UK law enforcement trained in the use of mobile, static and rural surveillance techniques. They have been involved in numerous covert operations within the UK and overseas, in all types of circumstances and environments. Our investigators are surveillance driver trained and use state of the art covert surveillance equipment.

We can conduct covert surveillance investigations for both short and long term periods.
Using both male and female surveillance operatives, we are capable of monitoring an individual's movements without detection.

SGH & Associates detectives are highly skilled in maintaining a covert profile, making sure that the person we are following are unaware of our presence, preventing suspicion being aroused, but we will be close enough to obtain clear and unambiguous evidence.

Electronic Surveillance - GPS Car Trackers Nottingham

As well as using our surveillance detectives, we use the latest technical surveillance equipment, such as covert cameras, GPS car tracking devices, audio recording equipment and night vision equipment. Our advanced  covert GPS car trackers allow us to know where a vehicle is at any given time down accurately and without alerting the person we are monitoring.

We are able to deploy surveillance detectives and equipment into any environment irrespective of its hostility and location, for either short periods of time or long term infiltration.

From inner city estates, open countryside, children's nurseries and hospitals, to office blocks, warehouses and factories, there is nowhere we cannot operate.

Our surveillance detectives can operate in the following circumstances:

  • Follow a suspected cheating partner cheating partner
  • Locate a person's place of work
  • Find out a person's home address
  • Investigate a person's background and lifestyle
  • Carry out surveillance on a malingering employee
  • Investigate suspected false insurance claims
  • Investigate benefit cheats
  • Observations on a particular location
  • Observe a working environment
  • Further surveillance services for businesses in Nottingham can be found here

Working with the client we will provide a strategy that will be best suited and cost effective to the client's needs.

Using our GPS car / vehicle trackers are a cost effective method of finding out where someone is going over a period of time, such as knowing where they are living, working or visiting.

Contact us today if you wish to know more about how we use a GPS tracking device to address your problem.

For local authorities, public bodies and clients who operate within RIPA, we are able to provide a more detailed structure to our working methods and techniques.


Our private investigators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If your matter is of a personal nature please advise us how and when you wish us to contact you.

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