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GPS Covert Car Tracking Service - Hire a GPS Tracker

Our discreet GPS car tracking service includes us covertly fitting the latest technology in vehcile trackers, and monitoring its activity for however long you want to use the tracker for. We provide daily reports along with offering real time updates so you know exactly where the vehicle is at any time of day or night. And when you have the information you need, we remove the tracker at a safe and convenient location.

The advanced GPS car trackers we use, allow us to know where a car is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The technology can tell us exactly where the vehicle is, how fast it is travelling, where it stops and for how long, along with its current position down to a distance of 1 metre. Ultra accurate, and extremely effective, a very cost effective method of knowing where someone lives, works or visits.

Our trackers are fitted, and monitored remotely by our technical staff. If you wish to hire a car tracker, we will do everything, and supply you with the information. There is no need for you to worry about where to put the tracker or how to see what its doing, we have it covered, all supplied at the best prices. 

Whatever your reason for using a GPS car tracker, we can fit the device and monitor its movements for 1 week or one year. Our trackers can be fitted with long life batteries that allow monitoring for extremely long periods of time.

Using our GPS car trackers allows us to:

  • identify addresses and locations the vehicle has attended
  • track the route a car / vehicle has taken
  • monitor how long a car / vehicle has spent at a particular location
  • records the speeds a vehicle has driven at
  • view a cars travelling history

Our trackers are offered to private and commercial clients throughout the UK completely discreet and confidential.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Car Tracker?

Our car tracking service starts at £300.00 per week including fitting the tracker, monitoring it and removing it.  Costs vary depending on the location of the vehcile, type of vehicle, and type of tracker to be fitted.

Who Uses a Covert car Tracker?

  • Track a partners car
  • Track a cheating partners Car
  • Track a business partners car
  • Track wifes car
  • Track husbands car
  • Track boyfriends car
  • Track girlfriends car
  • Hire car tracker service
  • Hire a vehicle tracking device
  • How to track a persons car


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